Friday, May 25, 2012

what is ISLAM?


"ISLAM is the way of life"

"everything that follow its fitrah is ISLAM"

"ISLAM ialah agama, deen dan millah. ISLAM ialah rangka sebenar penghidupan kita di dunia ini"

"ISLAM is a complete as it covers all parts in life emotionally and physically"

"boleh jadi berlari itu ISLAM, tidur itu ISLAM, makan itu ISLAM, berkahwin itu ISLAM, solat itu ISLAM dan berfacebook itu ISLAM" 

"answers three question..where did we come from..why are we here..where are we going"

"bergantung pada yang bertanya..i'll try to give any answer that will trigger the interest of a person about ISLAM"

"ISLAM is a way of life..the way how i treat my parents..the how i treat my food..the way how i should feel towards animals"

"amazing how i could see everything brings good outcomes, hapiness, peace when everything is done following ISLAM practise"

"ISLAM itu tunduk patuh kat tuhan yang cipta semua bende termasuk aku, ko & semua bende yang kita dapat lihat & semua bende yg kita x dapat lihat"

"agamaku..maksudnya selamat"

"ISLAM came to protect this world be it us humans, animals, plants, the oceans and rivers"


ISLAM is my deen & it's all about every single things that around me!*senyum*

p/s : ALLAH..sesungguhnya..solatku, ibadahku, kehidupanku & matiku hanyalah untukMU~


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