Tuesday, May 31, 2011


u r my bff..

current mode is im totally happy..lega rasenye..lepas ckp dgn dia..hehehe..tQ 4 ur call..lately byk sgt masalah dlm kepale ni..mcm2..besalah..hidup ini kan ibarat roda..kadang kita di atas..kadang kita di bawah..hidup mesti ade cabaran..barulah manis utk di kenang..ok..back 2 the track..dlm 2-3 minggu ni jrg keep in touch dgn minah nih..die bz..as i am..so td bile dpt ckp dgn die..a bit calm..dpt st0ry mory..chit chat..

her name is nur fathiah bt marzuki..21 jun 1986 is her fav0urite date..i know that dear..the oldest from 4..lovely daughter of en. marzuki & pn. zubaidah..sy kenal die mase umor 8 tahun ( i guess) mase same2 mengenal huruf & angka di s.r.k c0nvent teluk intan..awalnye sy xla rapat sgt dgn minah s0rang nih..besa2 jer..hehehe..then kalo xsalah start kwn mase umo 10 tahun..(betol ke thia?lupe..hehehe~)

then yg ini sy memang pasti..mase sy umo 11 tahun..class 5 kuning..mmg ktorg kwn..then bec0me closer and closer each day..we join nasyid 2 gether..she is lead v0cal ok..so kirenye die mmg ade bakat terpendam & terperam jd penyayi..hehehehe..s0 the st0ry begin like this..

mase standard 6 we bec0me much2x m0re closer..alwiz g0ssiping 2gether..share anything in our mind 2gether & such..but..the happy m0ment we create din l0ng 4eva..i nid 2 futher my study at smart mai..but she will c0ntinue her study at s.m.c0nvent..sedey sgt2 time nih..rase mcm xbole terime kenyataan..:(

s0..we move on with our new life..tryg 2 live witout each other..mase tu xade lagi kecanggihan teknologi..n0 sms..so kalo sy cuti..then i'll meet her at scholl..sbb sekola sy cuti hari jumaat & sabtu..then sure bole jmpe die on friday kan..:)

lepas habis spm..dia smbg study kt uitm..amik law..me?as i told b4 in my previous entri..stpm..then college..yg bestnye..we r in same field..law..hahaha..such a coincedence..:)

then bile masing2 dah ade kecanggihan tecnology..baru la terhegeh2 nk sms-ing..mms-ing..call-ing..hahaha..then we set up a date..& finally we meet!yeay..kalo xsalah sy we all start meet up last year..kan thia kan..syiok giler..n0w masing2 da ade own life..s0 after this we plan 2 spend m0re time 2gether..tp skung susah nk date dgn minah nih..maklumlah..da officially adv0cate & solicitors..waaahhh~cemburunye sy..haih..bile la my turn..:)

poem 4 mybff~thia..(i amik dr google..but i mean it!)

4 thia..tQ 4 alwiz being there..tQ 4 every happy moment we share..tQ 4 everything dear..l0ve ya..x0x0~

p/s : da kawen jgn lupe sy k..freneverend!


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