Monday, February 4, 2013


Barakalallah Bestie! ^^
26012012. Dewan Teluk Intan.

Assalamualikum and a very good evening to all,

At first, when I receive a phone call from her saying that she asking me to give any talk/speech or whatever it called on her w-day, I felt so honoured. Thaks Darl~

We have been friend almost 19 years. Quite long. The longest friendship I ever had I guess. The happy & sad time we share. All the sweet memories we have. All these make our friendship means a lot to me.

For Hafiz,
Please take good care to my bestie. Try to give her support in whatever she wanna do, always be there whenever she needs you, as I cant do that duty anymore, be her eyes, her ears, last but not least, be a hero for her. In whatever situation, please be patience with her. She talks much! Trust me. And Hafiz, please don’t makes her cry. Be a good leader to her. Promise I’ll find you if anything happened to her, and I’m on my way to be a woman’s problems solver. So, be careful on that.

For ThiaMyBFF,
For the past 26 years ago, you are a daughter to Mama & Ayah, the eldest sister to Echam, Mira & Kerry. But today, new chapter in your life begins, and it turs into 360 degrees. As a wife to En Hafiz, and a mother-to-be to your cute little caliph, Insha ALLAH. Just a soft reminder, I want you to know that when you wake up tomorrow, your “Jannah” will transfer from Mama to Hafiz. So, please bestie, do whatever it takes to grant a “Jannah”. Try to be a good cooker, a best friend, and a listener to your husband.

So, here I am. Wishing all the best for both of you.

May ALLAH bless the two of you together in goodness. Amen~

Think that’s it. Enough for today. All the best for both of you. May ALLAH bless you until Jannah. Please pray for me too.

p/s : Love you so much dear. Friendship until Jannah, Insha Allah. Will miss our late night gossip-ing time.


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